LG's V30 dumps the removable battery, but adds features galore

LG has officially unveiled the V30, its 6-inch flagship phablet, and the phone is conspicuously missing two mainstays of the company’s V line: a removable battery and LG’s so-called “second screen.” The new direction could turn off LG diehards, but they can rest assured that the V30 has every other feature imaginable. 

From its new display to its camera to its processor, everything about the V30 has been upgraded over both 2016’s V20, as well as the G6, a 5.7-inch flagship from this year. On paper alone, the V30 is a very intriguing phablet, but it still faces a tall order: Convincing enough people to buy it over the Note 8 and upcoming Pixel 2.

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Source: Greenbot