ZTE Quartz watch review: The Best Android Wear value, plain and simple

Android Wear might not be the most powerful or versatile wearable OS, but it’s always had one big advantage over its competitors: variety. The first round of Android wearables was a diverse lot—square and round, classic and sporty, big and small—and no matter your taste, you were pretty much guaranteed to find an aesthetic that suited your wrist.

With the new crop of watches, however, variety has taken a back seat to size. Nowhere is that more evident than with the ZTE Quartz. It doesn’t have NFC, LTE, or a heart-rate monitor, but it’s just as big and bulky as its higher-priced peers that do.

Maybe it’s the beefy battery and 3G chip that makes the Quartz so big, but whatever the reason, it’s one more watch that will just be too much for most wrists. That said, its attractive price makes it an excellent entry-level watch for people who want to stay connected while leaving their phone (and charger) at home. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a first-generation Android Wear watch for this price, with or without cellular connectivity.

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Source: Greenbot